Building Request Form Electronic

For emergency repair or exterior work that does not require a change to the existing structure complete the upper and notification portions only, Repairs resulting in no change to the exterior require notification only, no board approval is required.  Please include a description of your repairs

For exterior changes to your home the Building Committee and Board of Directors must review and approve your project before your project can proceed.

Prior to submitting your request, please review Forest Lake Estates Restrictive Covenants and Guidelines, both of which can be located in your blue Forest Lake Estates book or on the FLEHA website.  Do not order materials prior to approval.

Approval of all proposed plans must be approved by neighbors immediately impacted by changes.

Sprinkler Company: It is the homeowner's responsibility to contact the sprinkler company and have lines flagged prior to any digging. The sprinkler company must be shown the plans. In the event sprinkler heads must be moved or adjusted to provide acceptable irrigation coverage, it is at the homeowner's expense.

This Building Request for Exterior Changes must be submitted, complete with all information required documentation to the Building Committee no less than 2 weeks prior to the Board meeting which is held the second Tuesday of each month, at which time the Board will conduct the final review of the request.