Clubhouse Reserv Form - Electronic

If urgent response needed, please call Marilyn Dustin at 402-875-1434 before filling out this form to ensure your date is available. If not, Marilyn will update the Clubhouse Reservation calendar with your request if the date is available.

The Clubhouse is a smoke-free building and the maximum occupancy mandate by the Fire Marshall is 65 (50 in clubhouse & 15 in board room).

Our clubhouse can be reserved for private parties by completing the reservation form. Because there are 68 homes in Forest Lake Estates, the number of times the clubhouse may be reserved by a resident is limited to 12 times per year, with a max of 2 reservations per month.

Tablecloths are available and may be reserved by contacting the Social Committee chairperson for access. All tablecloths must be cleaned and paid for by the resident reserving the clubhouse before they are returned.

The clubhouse may NOT be rented for use by non-residents or organizations through a resident, nor be used for commercial ventures. Reservation applies to the club rooms only, NOT the pool as the pools can not be reserved. The resident reserving the clubhouse must be present as they are the responsible party.

Please submit this electronic form or complete a paper Clubhouse Reservation form and return to the bulletin board Completed Reservations envelope by the FLEHA office.

**A paper copy of the Clubhouse Reservation form is located under FLEHA Doc, Newsletter & Minutes, Forms section of this website or available on the bulletin board by the office**

Board approval and Certification of Insurance must be received prior to any party for any devices which may be brought into the clubhouse or placed on the common area.